Best Project Management Books


I am a MBA Project Management Professor, author of three books about project Management and I read and search a lot to prepare my books and my classes. To help you to find the best books that I have found and bought I will share them in this article by category using knowledge areas and […]

How to create an article

Prerequisites User created. If you do not have a user, Sign up now.   Procedure Go to your profile and select the Blogs tab. Click the green “+New Blog” button.   Fill in the fields as required: Title: Include the title of your article. The article has two parts: Blog intro: Summary to help the […]

Project Together

Project Together

What is the Project Together? Engaged people building projects together.

PM Maturity for Project Categories

Project Maturity for Project Categories

Maturity in Project Management Series[1] By Russell D. Archibald & Darci Prado This is the fourth of a series of articles on PPPMM. PM Maturity for Project Categories[2]   Here we describe the need for systematically categorizing the many different types of projects that exist, discuss a few of the many possible ways to categorize […]

Project Management Office

Project Management Office

Escritorio de Projetos (Project Management Office in Portuguese) enables people and their companies to succeed in their projects through free solutions and services, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We are an online PMO (Project Management Office) which wants to offer you the best free project management content.